Labor Support 

When I think of my daughter’s birth, what stands out to me the most, and different from my first daughter’s birth (when I did not have a doula), was that sense of sisterhood. Thank you for the comfort and attention you provided, not only to me, but also to my 3 year old daughter and my husband. I am forever grateful to have had your positive female energy guiding me and encouraging me. What you do as a doula is a special gift. Thank you for sharing that with me.

                                                   Much love & many thanks,

                                                                Krista B.

My first experience with labor and delivery was very traumatizing. The second time around I wanted a different experience, and I hired Amy as  our doula. I was filled with anxiety and fear but Amy was AMAZING and helped create a wonderful experience the 2nd time around. She was amazing in several ways. My water broke and I didn't go into active labor. She helped me get to that point within an hour after giving me simple directions. Then at the hospital, she was fantastic. She helped keep me calm, relaxed and happy the whole time. She was very attentive and caring and always made sure I was comfortable. She listened and executed everything I had desired within my birth plan. I am forever grateful for her and can't thank her enough for making it such a beautiful labor and delivery this time-the way it should be:). 

Sheeren Sharon Maloney, DDS, MS

Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontics