1. We got good news from my daughter's endocrinologist today and I firmly believe it's because I brought her to Amy Rozen.  My daughter is a healthy 7 year old kid who just happens to be in early puberty and the doctors don't know why.  The treatment offered by the doctors was frightening and unacceptable.  I brought our daughter to see Amy a year ago and today my daughter's development has slowed to within a "normal" range and I am hopeful she can continue to be a little girl for a while longer.  And, my daughter's mood swings improve each time she takes the remedy Amy recommends which is an added bonus for the entire family.

I think homeopathy is both a science and an art.  Before meeting Amy, I consulted with two other homeopaths and knew neither was the right fit for us.  When we met Amy, very quickly I knew the third time was a charm.   For my daughter, a visit with Amy is like visiting a friend.  There's no poking or discussion of things she doesn't understand.  And taking the remedy is a piece of cake and a far cry from the painful monthly hormone suppressing shots the doctors proposed.  Thank you, Amy, for helping my daughter.”


  1. Dear Amy,

“I have had some wonderful changes in my life in recent months and I have been reflecting on how these changes came about and why.  After some thought a light bulb went off and I traced it back to when I started seeing you.  So I feel compelled to communicate this to you and to thank you for your support and presence in my life since our first session.  While I originally came to you for help with some physical issues that I had not been able to solve through conventional means, I got so much more.  I had an open mind going into homeopathy but it was an entirely new way for me to look at healing. 

After a very thorough evaluation you offered me a remedy and I went away wondering how it would all turn out.  During the course of that month and after taking the remedy I experienced some emotional upheaval, vivid dreams as well as a gradual receding of many of the physical symptoms. I can describe it as a kind of a cleansing feeling, euphoric at times as well as draining.  During subsequent visits I especially appreciated and benefited from the holistic approach to wellness that is so much a part of your practice.   You identified non-physical aspects of my emotional and mental well-being that I hadn’t realized were affecting me so greatly.  You brought them to my attention in a very unthreatening way and you helped me see how they might be contributing to my physical concerns.   Just being able to acknowledge this was the first step for me in making some very transformational changes in my life.

I had been on a personal journey for years looking for my purpose in life and especially a career where I could find fulfillment.  I tried many paths with mountains of effort and small degrees of success.  Your nurturing and very professional presence helped me greatly in unlocking what was always inside of me.   I have since discovered the direction I need to go and I am in the process of leaving corporate finance to become a certified Life Coach. 

The wonderful thing is that you didn’t advise me to take a path but supported me and subtly challenged me to move out of my comfort zone to find what I was looking for.  Now the fear of change is gone and I am on the path to do the same for others as a coach.

I firmly believe that homeopathy combined with your empowering and holistic approach to happiness and well-being has made all the difference. I can’t think of you without smiling and feeling thankful. “


Leigh H.

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Disclaimer: Homeopathy does not treat disease, but supports the whole person, in rebalancing the individual’s vital life force.