1. Hi Amy!  It’s Linda.  It’s Wednesday afternoon about 4:30 and I just wanted to call you with some real positive feedback.  When I was in with R. to see you, I think it was December 17th when you gave her a 1M of Pulsatilla.  She has been a different child ever since.  I mean I just can’t thank you enough.  I just wish I had brought her in to see you sooner.  I can’t even tell you the dramatic difference.  She started sleeping through the night (not on her own, I had to help her a little bit with that, but she’s fine with it now). After 19 months of waking up three times a night.  She sleeps through the night.  She’s happy all the time and much less disagreeable.  She’s just a joy to be around.  So, I’m almost crying.  Thank you very much.  I’ll talk to you soon.

             Linda M.

  1. Hi Amy

OK...so what magic potion is this Spongia??? Ha ha!!! I can't even begin to tell you how much better I feel. My cough subsided almost instantly after taking it. I took one dose after we spoke, and another a few hours later....I do not feel congested and my cough is not that deep, heavy cough anymore. I still feel really tired, still have a little headache, and the cough is slight, but overall I cannot believe how much better I feel. I should have called you 2 weeks ago!

We have been seeing you for a little over a year now, and I am just amazed at the results from all the remedies that you have suggested for T. and me. I just cannot believe that homeopathy isn't the front line of the 'medical' field. I have a friend in that grew up in Europe and this way of life was normal to her. I just don't get it....it seems so strange to me now that someone would even use over the counter meds or antibiotics as a first defense.

Thank you once again! We are a happier, healthier family since we have discovered this amazing way of life!



  1. Hi Amy! It’s Pat calling.  I wasn’t calling for anything that you had to call me back about.  I was just calling to give you some good news.  I got the report card for B. today and he got all A’s & B’s and made the honor roll.  I’m telling you because you are in a large part responsible for that.  I am calling to say thank you!  I’ll talk to you soon.  Bye-Bye.

Pat. G.

  1. Hi Amy, this is Bernadette on Monday.  I just wanted to call to thank you for helping me on Thursday.  S. had that bad allergic reaction.  He was just horribly swollen, he couldn’t see, his eyes were swollen shut.  I had spoken to you, and after I gave him the second dose of the Apis, about two minutes later, it was miraculous.  I had come downstairs and come back up, and he was sound asleep.  From rubbing his eyes profusely for 4 minutes to going into a deep sleep with his hands resting on his tummy.  So, I just thought it was unbelievable (I’m sure you don’t think it’s that unbelievable).  I wanted to thank you again and let you know that I am always amazed by these remedies!  Thanks Amy, bye-bye.

Bernadette J.

  1. Amy, coming here was the beginning of a new shift in my spirit mind and body.  I have moved through many layers and am coming out stronger and more beautiful than ever before.  My children and I have found more peace.  I am filling myself with me.  Thank you for your gifts!  Sharing them with me has helped me find my gifts – myself.

Beth M.

  1. Amy, it was helpful talking to you.  You made me feel much better.  Thanks a lot.

          Love, Zoe (Age 8)

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